Who we are

COSTABELLA, S.A. is a family company with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, processing and packaging of different kinds of lard and pork greaves.

In the development of our products we use lard as raw material only, this butter is the most valuable fat that surrounds the kidney.

Along with the highest quality raw materials and our working methods, we make our products some regular features, constant and specific with regard to flavour, aroma, hardness and plasticity. This makes our products very popular in sectors such as cakes and pastries both artisanal and industrial.

In Costabella we constantly work to innovate, improve and deliver a final product of high quality and to meet the demands and needs of each client. Currently we have a fusion plant, processing and packaging with a production capacity of 10,000 kg. per day and  50,000 kg. per week of finished product. This means that we can always ensure the supply to our customers. We also offer a shuttle itself where we can guarantee the correct temperature and the hygienic conditions for the transportation of the products until their delivery